Monday, March 13, 2006


So I haven't posted in a while...
but really comment spam is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Have we exhausted the use of email spam already? Wasn't that annoying enough? Must we resort to comment spam? OR better yet who out there has gotten phone spam? I don't mean telemarketers, cause then you're at least talking to a real person. I've been getting recorded phone ads on my cell phone. I for some strange reason throught that was illegal (or does that only apply to your land line).

To all spammers out there here are several reasons why I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT and you're marketing scheme SUCKS.

1) I am not male so please stop sending me ads on way to enlarge my penis.
2) Stop calling me fat, it is rude.
3) I do not need any kind of toy that costs more that my tuition.
4) I do not need a year supply of any of the following: diapers, donuts, acne drugs, dog food, diet pills, libido inhancers, or fake eyelashes
5) If you are going to spam, for GOD sakes spell things right!!!
7) No I do not what to take a 100 page survey.
8) I really could care less between one brand or another, I'm a student I just buy whatever one is on sale.
9) again enlarging my penis is not a priority.
10) really stop calling me fat!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


August 23, 2005
Khao Lak

Orientation - well for something that they INSIST that you attend this is really not that well organized. We were basically all loaded up into trucks and taking to some of the sites to look at the projects that where going on. Don't get me wrong it was impressive to see how much was being accomplished in each of these sites, especially when you look around and all you see are graveyards of foundations all over the landscape. I cannot imagine what that survivors have lived through. There is still a sense of sadness in the air but there is also a great deal of hope. One of the highlight of the tour was the boats.

The boats are exactly has they are described boats. The only surprising thing about them is that they are at least 4 km off of the shore. The police boat is perhaps the most famous of these, even though it is the smallest of the vessels. The story has it that this was the police boat that was accompanying the queen's grandson when he was water skiing. It was also unfortunately where the prince's body was found after two days of searching by the Thai government in the aftermath of the tsunami. So, it's now a monument to the prince. It is actually quite weird because it just sits across from a market place, I hear they are going to set up chairs or something.

Anyways, by lunch we ended up at Laem Pom the site where Leia, Faith and I will be working. Laem pom is an absolutely beautiful village that is slowly recovering from the tsunami and from land claims issues. is a great rant. Not only does this poor community have to live through the horrors of a natural disaster the day after the tsunami a huge company moves in a walls off their village claiming that this was their land and that all trespassers will be shot. No one was allowed in to search for their loved ones. OMG!!!! Ok, I know this sounds dramatic but I am not kidding you. Apparently this company had been trying to get their hands on this land for some time. However, to myself and many of the other volunteers this aspects is horrifying. I do not understand how people can treat others this way. It was truly one of the most awful aspects of human culture that I have ever encountered.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

You want to go WHERE??????:

August 22, 2005
Khao Lak

Yesterday, we flew from Chaing Mai to Phuket so that we could get to Khao Lak where we would be volunteering for the next two weeks. Getting to Khao Lak actually proved to be much more frustrating that we thought it would be. The reaction of people when we told them where we wanted ranged greatly, basically it was "why?????". No one wanted to take us there and kept offering us to go to other places and telling us we really didn't want to go there.

In the end, we took an airport taxi. However, the frustrations did not end there. I had no contact with the volunteer centre myself and had just assumed that either Faith or Leia would know where we were going. I was wrong. None of us knew where we were going, our poor driver probly spent a good half hour driving us back around the national park and the town trying to figure out where we needed to go. After driving aimlessly for a while our driver pulled into a parking lot infront of a bar. Pointed at someone and said why don't you ask them. [so in truth he pulled into the parking lot of a bar with white people sitting front of it, pointed to them and said they'll speak english ask them].

After all that we found the centre and got registered in.

We are staying in a bungalow that is behind Pia Massage and Bar, the bar that we had pulled into originally. It's weird that we're living behind a bar but it is also the nicest place we have stayed thus far. I have no idea how this is going to work though with all 3 of us sharing a tiny room like this. oh well we'll see.

Tourist day

August 20, 2005
Chaing Mai

Yesterday, immediately after arriving in Chaing Mai we had gotten waylaid on our way to our guesthouse by this woman who was part of the tourst assoication. So basically we got talked into doing one of the touristy things that we have since arriving in Thailand. Anyways, today we left for a day trip so that we can ride elephants, visit some of the hilltribes and ride bamboo rafts. We had lots of fun but I did learn several things from this visit.

1) Elephants are really agile. They were scrambling up hills that I would not try to hike up.
2) In general, the local men will make any excuse to touch the white girls. (HAHAHHAHAHA)
3) The villages tend to expect you to buy something.
4) A "walk" is really a hour long hike thorugh the jungle on a path that is about a foot wide.
5) "It will be a little slippery" means "oh you WILL fall. "
6) it is really difficult to swim towards a waterfall.
7) I am accident prone.
8) expect to get wet when anyone is taking you anywhere on a raft.
9) you get over the fact that there are bugs everywhere really quickly
10) did i mention that the local men will make any excuse to touch the white girls.

But overall it was a great experience. Had lots of fun. Took lots and lots of pictures.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

mmmmm food

August 19, 2005
Chiang Mai - Cooking Class

Since we were only going to be in Chiang Mai for the next couple of days, this was going to be the only chance we would have of taking a Thai cooking course. There were seven of us altogether me, Lei, Faith and four Brits. So as someone who cooks regularly and enjoys cooking it was really funny to watch the people around me. Cause baby can you tell exactly who doesn't cook.
I totally thought someone was going to cut/burn themselves before the night was over.

Anyways, we started the class off a the market place where we bought all the ingredients that would be needed for the stuff we have decided to make. I don't know if I should be amused or not at the antics of the Brits that where in our group. Both couples ran around taking pictures of the market place and I don't mean pictures of the whole market place. I kid you not, this is a conversation that I overheard.

Brit Girl #1: "oh my god!!! Look! Look!"
Brit Boy #1: "Wot?"
BG #1: "look at that. Its a trotter. Take a picture." hahaha " I can't believe it's a trotter"
flash flash
BG#2: "hey wot are you looking at"
BG#1: "its a trotter!!!!"
BG#2: "Oh my god! Honey you have to take a picture of this!!"

I was really was amazed at their enthusiasm. And you really could see that they were having a great time. Maybe I'm just being cynical or I'm just more used to seeing stuff like this.

Ahh Deet how I adore you

August 19, 2005
Chiang Mai

I have made a discovery: twelve hour train rides basically leave you feeling like you've just spent a month without shower. I felt gross. Ok I must point out that we did spend an entire day in Bangkok and then hop on an overnight train that would take us to Chiang Mai, all without showering. So basically I was gross, well disgusting really. hahaha if only my mom could see me now.

The train itself is not that bad a of a ride. They set you up with a bed with linens and a pillow and the idea is that you will sleep the entire trip. Well that' s the idea anyways. So there I was all snug in my little bed cubby and really asleep for the first time since arriving on this trip and I kinda realize hmmm wait a minute why am I so cold??????

I open my eyes and guess what I see. The window has fallen down completely and it's now raining. Now as a former Vancouverite I don't mind the rain, we actually like it. And being a little damp isn't anything new considering the its about 98% humidity and really we're never going to be dry anyways. It is the fact that as I look around I am covered, COVERED in bugs.

I really have no idea how long that window had been open but the train has already entered the more rural areas of Thailand as we had gone along. All the bugs that had been on the trees next to the train tracts are now crawling all over me. So I did what any rational adult would do. I jumped up and started flung the sheets from me like the girly girl that I am. Hopping up and down to get them all off me.

Hey...What would you do. At least after shaking everything off I climbed back into that bed and got more sleep. [After I had emptied an entire container of bug spray onto my sleeping bag and body. ]

Saturday, August 27, 2005

12 hours of insanity

August 17, 2005
Bangkok City

So we arrived in Thailand at midnight and by this point all I can say is that we were cranky and tired. That is to be we end up in this hotel by the airport. There were only 2 highlights of this place the free airport shuttle and the buffet breakfast. It was to put it succently GROSS. But lets move on.

We spent 12 hours in Bangkok city and lets just say it was an experience. This is probably one of the busiest cities I have ever encountered (and i've lived in Hong this says something). You have a strange collection billboards, highways and temples that gleam in the setting sun that can be found throughout the city. It really is beautiful but it is one of the most dirty places I have ever been. By the end of the day I could feel the grime of city clinging to my skin. But actually I didn't mind it as much as my travel companions. [oh well]

I do love how everone seems to drive in Thailand....street lines appear to be suggestions. We all are used to how motorcycles dart in and out of traffic but it appears that cars/trucks and busses get to do that too. It really is amusing to watch.

Anyways, we ended up seeing some amazing temples and monuments. Such as the standing buddha, the Sitting Buddha, and the Golden Mountain. [we went to the Grand Palace but really it was way to expensive to get in as a Farang].

So here are the not so pleasant aspects of Bangkok.....

1) Tuk Tuk drivers - really i know that i'm walking around with 2 girls that look like walking ATMs really enough is enough. Our experience with Tuk Tuk drivers was extremely disheartening. The first driver we encountered quoted us a price and proceeded to ask us to do him a favour and go into a store for10 mins so that the store can give him a free gas coupon. Now let me clearly state that he called this place a mall and we said "ok one stop". But as we arrived we discovered that the mall was really a tailor and the only possible way that we could stay 10 mins is that if we were having something made. So needless to say we didn't end up there for needed time. Our driver then proceeded to tell us that we needed to go to another stop and that we really needed to stay 10 mins. So screw this. Basically we got out and hailed a cab. [this experience was made much worse when our second driver pulled the same stunt.]

2) The shear number of drunken farang boys that have come here to shag there way accross Thailand. [yeah sweety just cause i look thai doesn't mean i don't understand the rude commen was funny watching one fall off his motorcycle when i replied to him in english].

3) The pollution and smog. (this should be self explanatory).

Friday, August 26, 2005

so i'm a bad communicator

Hey all!! Yeah so much for my promise to keep this thing updated. I'm having a little difficult actually getting to the internet...mainly cause I'm too lazy to walk to the free internet place that's about a 40-min walk from where we're staying and too cheap to pay the local fees. What can I say. Anyways so the finally get to the internet place I forgot completely to bring my little notebook with my rantings in it. DAMN it. Yeah i'm dumb.

Anyways, so brief catch up and then i'll back log all the other info at a later date. Currently we are staying in Khao Lak where we are doing our volunteer work. Ah if anyone out there reading this i would like to do a quick plug for volunteers. THEY NEED PEOPLE. There entire communities that need to be rebuilt and the more volunteers that could come the better. So if you have time, feel like taking a trip to Thailand and feel like weilding a trowel or a paintbrush come on down. (even better if you have some construction skills...unlike us).

Ok. So here is a list of the place we have been so far.

Bangkok - psychotically busy, polluted but definately interesting.
Chiang Mai - a calmer version of Bangkok, with way less pollution and just a calmer atmosphere (Also its about 5 degrees cooler).
Phuket - didn't really see it. Decent airport though.
Khao Lak - great town. Can totally see that it was once a major tourest attraction but now the entire town is mainly made up of volunteers and the local business people.
Surat Thani - really long story will get into at a later rant. But really F*#@! hot...apparently its not moonson season there.

Yeah so that's it so far. I'm having a great time so far. I've had a few moments when i've wanted to kill/maim/go home/etc but overall its been fabulous!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the efficency

Aug. 17th, 2005 5:30pm (Japan time)

Narita airport - there are three words to describe it. NEW CAR SMELL

the smell is everywhere and everything is extremely shiny and new. But the smell is overwhelming its kinda of gross actually. Anyways, so arriving here has been an experience, sixteen hour flights well ....GROSS [for those who understand you must imagine this with a Latin accent].

Anyways, the technology and efficiency of Japan is reflected everywhere we go. There are lite signs everywhere directing you where to go, the vending machines are also very organized and very well light. And of course everything is so cutesy it makes you want to either puke or take it all home with you.

The beginning

Editor's note: The following post was written at the end of a 26-hour flight. As such, it makes no sense. At all. Like, for real.
The Sarcastrix

And now, on with the post...

Narita Airport, Japan
17 August 2005

The panicky excitment of leaving today for the trip has yet to set in. Everything I have done so far still feels hazy and dreamlike, mind you this could be from slow absorption of the caffiene into my bloodstream. Anyways, so it is currently 7:45am at the Pearson airport and all I can think is can the girls get here yet. The line up to the checkin counter has gotten longer and longer since I've gotten here. It is extremely annoying.

So it has been many many years since I have last been on an international flight. (and most certainly not ever when i have been of a legal age). Hahahaha
Through our browsing of the free airline magazine that we are given I see that international fights server free booze. [SWEET!!!]
This is fabulous considering how much of a mooching alcoholic I am. However, as much as I have taken advantage it was no nearly on par with one of our fellow flyers. Whom i watch consume and extraordinary amount of beer and burbon within a two period. [hey buddy, leave some for the rest of us] it really was quite extraordinary that he didn't puke half way through.